Don’t Blink created by Brittney Boyd Bullock, is a Memphis-based brand dedicated to simplicity by using the basic principles of design.

"I make functional leather goods that are light, easy, and simple. The color black is an integral part of my aesthetic; it's a powerful color and usually incorporated in all my wares. My designs are clean and dedicated to craftsmanship."


Materials are handpicked and chosen based on quality and durability. Each piece is inspected and altered to fit a particular aesthetic. There may be slight variations in size, texture, and grain pattern due to the nature of materials.

Top Five, Top Five (5 things you should know about Don't Blink)

1. All products are made by human hands 

2. Each piece is double stitched for durability

3. When you purchase a DB product you're giving back to a neighborhood in Memphis through the Tribe Initiative (more details below)  

4. 90% of DB materials are sourced locally 

5. Sales tax are included in cost 


As a mentor and former fellow of the Robert E. Gard award ArtsMemphis Fellowship, Brittney's interests in community engagement and social change has led her to an artistic practice that embraces artists to redefine why they create, how they create, and for what purposes. In 2015, Brittney created a community engagement project using art as the conduit for civic practice and social enterprise. This collaborative model was created with students to explore creative expression as a form of healing while students learn to leverage their art-making skills for income. Students are paid as they work together to create an art product that addresses specific challenges in their neighborhood. 

To continue the effort of social change Tribe was created; an initiative to help foster young artists. 10% of each sale goes back into communities and visual art programs that are dedicated to fostering artists in underserved communities in Memphis. 

"Philanthropy is an important part of my work and it's partly why I create. I define philanthropy as not solely a funding source but a way to share your time and skills to help others."